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Sleek and flexible, Folla has the right experts for your project in-house or  just one phone call away. Don't let chance decide!


Founded in 2017, Folla's roots and history trace back as far as the early  2000s. Expertise at your disposal.


Help SMBs to reach new horizons with their online presence and to get noticed by an international audience.


Multilingual content is our strengh, the secret sauce that will make your online presence irresistible.

Does your business have the right tools to be effective ? Is your website working for you or is it a burden that you have to carry? We can turn your tired nag into a workhorse, no magic required.

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What We Do

(and how we do it)

Whatever the project, whatever the task, our main focus is our customer's satisfaction. 
Passion drives us, and dedication is the fuel that helps us reach your goals.

Custom Solutions

We love complications. Complicated and complex tasks are challenges that we love to pick up. No request is too strange. If it can be imagined, there's probably a way to do it.

Multilingual Solutions

We have the in-house knowhow and skills to produce the finest multilingual content for different media. And provided UI localisation for software you might even be using.

Aerial photography

Folla is a registered drone operator in Finland. With our trained drone pilots, we can spice up your presentations, online content or posts with aerial footage that just looks good.

Digital Content

Picture & video capture, editing, digital media creation and optimization. And everything in between. Add the power of generative AI to the mix, and the possibilities become endless.

Project Management

Folla has the right project management experts, tools, and best practices at hand to turn management typhoons into a smooth sailing experience.


Our website clients get to enjoy the ultimate red carpet treatment. Monitoring, backup, security solutions, online threat analysis: we have your back, no matter what.

Consulting & Developement

Folla specializes in comprehensive IT consulting and developement of services tailored for SMBs seeking to fortify their digital footprint. We excel in analyzing your business needs and identify the most suitable tools and solutions to augment your digital standing.

However, we wont  reinvent the wheel, if the solutions at hand offers a good base for growth. And most of the times, it's the little changes that have the biggest impact.

Project Showcase

Featured clients are happy clients. Here is a few of them and what we did to make their digital life a treat.

Physio Effingerhaus, Bern

Webdesign & developement, SEO optimization

Nastolan Aurinkolinna, Lahti

Infoscreen solution & Booking system integration

Pekava Oy, Kotka

SEO & CRM solutions, Technical consulting

Mikael-kylät Oy, Lahti

Digital signage solution, Reservation system

The Sauce

Translators are great, polyglots are better, because they have the culture in their blood.

Founder and CEO Olivier Fontana has the luck to call three languages his mothertongues. This has proven many times over to be a great asset for Folla's customers. Creating content that looks, reads and sounds convincing is the special sauce that will make your expansion dreams into the european market a reality.

So whatever you order, ask for the sauce!



The first iteration of Folla came into existance in 2003 in Brescia, Italy. The name was OliTek and beside doing HTML and ASP web pages, we specialised in backup solutions for professionals - mainly accountants and lawyers. Incremental backup, dual ISDN line... those were times!

Another iteration came along a few years later in Bern, Switzerland, in the form of olivier.IT, a freelance undertaking of our founder Olivier Fontana while studying to become an IT Specialist with Federal certification.

Move forward a few more years - and several hundreds of kilometers north - and Folla was created.


Established in 2017, Folla has been on a mission to provide high quality web design and digital content creation. We focus all our attention on our customers - spread from North to South across Europe - and their IT related needs.

In 2019 we expanded our palette with digital signage solutions and info displays and added a few online stores to our services. We are currently developing various web-based solutions for signage and display management.

Like Swiss clock makers, we aim to deliver top quality products, percise in every detail.


From our central position in Lahti, we want to expand our business activities to other areas of Finland. With the help of our in-house tools and software, we will also increase our coverage in Italy and Switzerland.

We can call you today!

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